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          Electric Shaver Service, Shavers - Electric, Lincoln, NE
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          Braun 7899CC Series 7 Shaver Wet/Dry Clean & Charge

          By: Braun
          Braun 7899CC Series 7 With LED Display

          World's only shaver with over 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute
          Sensitive Flexing Head
          Gillette Blade Technology
          Power Comb
          Smart Foil Technology
          Long Hair Precision Trimmer
          Water Washable, Automatic Clean & Renew System, Fast Clean Mode
          LCD Shaver Status Meter
          100-240 Volts, Cord/Cordless
          Recharge Time 1 Hour, Run Time 50 Minutes Per Charge, Li-ion Battery
          Shaver Made in Germany


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          Price: $204.95
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          Item #: 7899CC
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