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          Electric Shaver Service, Shavers - Electric, Lincoln, NE
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          Power Cords
          There are 2 products in this department
          Replacement Coiled Cord
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          Replacement Coiled Cord

          Mfg. Part #: 78756
          Standard Shaver Cord Coiled
          Only for shavers with direct 100-240 Volt Input

          Please do not order this cord without clicking on the Picture and verify that your model number is listed

          Fits Many Shavers

          Braun, Norelco, Remington, Grundig, Eltron and more.

          Item#: 78756
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          Remington Charging Cord
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          Remington Charging Cord

          Mfg. Part #: RP00011
          72780 Remington TCT Charging Cord, AKA 11138
          AKA RP00113, RP00011
          USA/Japan Mains Plug

          Remington has redesigned this charger it may not look like your original.
          The coiled cord version is no longer available

          Replaces MS3C, PA400, PF400, PA650, PA1204N Printed on charger

          Input: 100-240 VAC 50-60 HZ, Output 12VDC 400 MA

          Fits MicroScreen 3 TCT and MicroScreen 2 Water Washable.
          Fits Models: MS2280, MS2290, MS2390 , MS5200, MS32000, MS32700
          MS33000, MS33700, MS34000, MS34700, MS30004, MS680CS
          Micro Flex Ultra Models TCT R9100, R9170, R9200, R9270
          R9250, R9300, R9350, R9370, RTCT
          Flex 360 Models R7150, R7130, R6150, R6130, R5150, R5130, R8150H, R8150CS
          Flex & Pivot Models: F555, F4790, F5790, F5800, F7790
          F710, F720, FR500, FR730, FR730
          MS5200, MS5500, MS5700, MS5800, R1000, R9190, R9290, R9500
          MS900, R825, R800, R650s, R650, R510, R520, HGX1

          Item#: 72780
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          In Stock Orders Usually Ship Same or Next Business Day