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          Electric Shaver Service, Shavers - Electric, Lincoln, NE
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               Braun Shavers            


          We repair and replace batteries in most Braun shavers, there are very limited or no parts available for Braun shavers that are over 8 years old.


          COVID 19

          Due to precautionary measures put in place to prevent the spread of COVID 19, repairs may take longer than usual. This is for your safety and for the safety of our service technicians.

          • We repair all current Braun shavers.
          • We do not repair Panasonic shavers.
          • Remington and Philips/Norelco no longer provide internal parts for their newer shavers and all internal parts have been depleted for shavers that are over 8 years old.
          • Mail your shaver to the address below and include your contact information with a note describing the problem inside the box.
          • Contact us with the make and model number of your shaver along with a description of the problem and we will provide a preliminary estimate.
          • Labor and return shipping is $25.00 in most cases, parts are extra.
          • Shaver repair service includes, lubricating, adjusting and installation of any required parts.
          • Repair time is usually 1 to 2 weeks from the date we receive it but may be more or less depending on the volume of repairs waiting.
          • 90 day warranty on labor and parts installed by us.
          • Electric Shaver Service
            Repair Dept
            315 S 11th St
            Lincoln NE 68508

          Shaver Repair Service
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          Sterlings Spray Lubricant
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          Sterlings Spray Lubricant

          UPC: 0031063723872
          Mfg. Part #: Sterlings
          Sterling's Shaver Lubricant 4oz Spray
          Item#: STERLINGS
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